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I‘ ve uploaded some free applications for OSX that i’ve made a while ago, as i’m not a programmer don’t expect anything special but maybe you can find those useful as i do.
the first one is an waf/aif to mp3 converter frontend using lame encoder, the second one is a simple script to show/hide hidden files on OSX, the third one is a simple automator script that autosaves a logic project every x minutes.

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  1. Stan Gore says:

    Thanks for developing the wav to mp3 encoder app. It’s very difficult to find a stand-alone LAME-based app for Macs. One question: Once I download the file, do I simply open it and use it, or must I also also download and install LAME into a specific library folder, as is necessary with Peak or Audacity? Please email me your reply.

  2. Riccardo Ferri says:

    lame is inside the .app package so no need to download it, currently it has lame 3.99.5.
    You can change it aswell to any lame build you prefer just put it in the same place where it is and name it “lame” replacing existing one.
    Lameold is lame 3.96.1, as it’s a ppc build it works only up to osx 10.6.x.

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