Audioscope 2813 simulation with Voxengo SPAN

Hi, i have to send my Audioscope 2813 unit for repair, i’m so used to look at that analyzer that i don’t want to work without it, so i’ve created a simple setting for the Voxengo SPAN Analyzer that behaves very similar to my analogic unit, if you want to try it out just copy the settings from the screenshot below, you can adjust “range low” and “Range hi” to fit your volume, this is for a 0db mastered track, the most important thing if you want to maintain the same behaviour is that the range from the 2 values must be 36 decibels.

The thing that makes this setting particular is that unlike all the other software spectrum analyzers (except waves PAZ) the spectrum is based on a Pink Noise instead of White Noise, like the Hardware unit. If you want to work with a White Noise based analyzer just move the “slope” knob and set it to 0db/oct

Once you have set all the knobs save the setting from the dropdown menu at the top of the edit window and you’ve done.

Final step you can adjust the analyzer size in order to fit the aspect ratio of the analogic unit, i usually shrink the width near the minimum available size and then i shrink the height to the last position before the numbers to the right disappears (-21,-24,-27 and so on).
That’s all :)

You can find the FREE Voxengo SPAN plug-in on Voxengo website



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  1. galex says:

    Nice Ricky!:-)

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