D3X Changelog


V2.0 (December 2013)

- Fixed an issue with snapshot recall not working properly since Reaktor 5.5.0
- Cabling and turning on/off Reaktor no longer recall a snapshot
- Various minor bugfixes

New Features

- Support for 16000+ samples
- Support for any loop length (eg. 5 16th)
- fill in/out feature for effects/crashes/voices that has to play only before or after a pattern change
- Ability to set the number of samples for each key/song (so you do not have to remap the samples, just drag and drop and you’re done)
- leds for sample start events
- Greatly improved sampler and mixer snapshot management and sync

- new EQ strip for every channel (lp/hp + peak + 2pole lp/hp/bp)
- Optional High quality EQ option with switchfree scalable usage
- Optional Dynamic processor for each channel (switchfree scalable aswell)
- Fake sidechain simulator with assignable amount for each channel and kick follow
- Better reverb with 2 modes (classic NI late diffusion 6/12 stages)
- Support for up to 4 stereo external audio inputs
- Support for up to 2 Extra FX processors
- Smart knobs assignment menu with ability to assign them to every knob in the mixer

- Support for TouchOSC (ipad)

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