Here you will find various stuff i’ve made using the great Native Instrument’s Reaktor.
I’ll made a new main menu item once i release anything new from now on.
You can find older ensembles on Reaktor’s user library:

(2048 bands FFT based Stereo Crossover)

Additive Wavemaker MWXT Edition
(an additive oscillator used in Alkesynth 2.x and newer, based on the Waldorf Microwave XT waveforms, for builders)

Enhanced Knob
(Reaktor knob with more functionalities, for builders)

(Simple Tape Delay with sync and some special feedback features)

(Stripped version from Delay module in Alkesynth with more features)

3 Stage Corecell Envelope
(sample accurate envelope module with graphical view, for builders)

(Monophonic synth with internal SEQ and midi player ability)

(Bram’s SupaTrigga emulator, realtime synced audio slicer)

(Spectrum Analyzer, one of my first experiments with Reaktor, not so accurate to be honest)

NOTE: You need to be a registered Reaktor user in order to download the above ensembles/modules.

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