d3xWhat is D3X?

I’ve made this ensemble to perform live, in the past i was using an akai mpc2000 + yamaha 01v digital mixer.
So D3X basically replicates the basic functionalities of this 2 hardwares , it acts as loop player and mixer.
The great feature comparing to the hardware counterparts is that here everything is doubled, so It works like 2 decks and i’ve added a basic dj mixer, so you can easily choose your tracks order and mix them like a DJ (you can go out with 2 separate stereo outputs if you prefer to use an external DJ mixer).

The old V1.5 lite that is on Reaktor User Library is not working as expected with the latest reaktor updates and it’s quite outdated so i’ve made this new version and i’ve greatly improved almost every aspect.
I have included also a layout for TouchOSC ready to go for use it with an Ipad (1024*768) and a midi dump for behringer BCF2000 + BCR2000 (you will need 3 of that to have total control)
I currently use an hybrid method, ipad for the decks and behringer BCR2000 for the dj mixer.

Now that Reaktor is 64bit you can load several hours of samples, i currently have more than 48 tracks on mine with more than 1200 samples and i have only 8GB RAM installed on my laptop.


2 indipendent decks with:
- 16 channel polyphony loop/sample player with basic sequencer
- 16 banks with up to 99 presets for the mixer and 99 patterns for sampler/sequencer
- support for 16000+ samples/loops
- autopitch samples with desired BPM
- 8 channel mixer with his own delay and reverb and an fx rack (ring,rate,and 2p LP)
- dynamic processor for each channel (can be disabled for slower laptops)
- EQ for every channel (lp/hp + peak + 2pole lp/hp/bp)
- High quality EQ strip (can be disabled for slower laptops)
- support for 2 extra fx send/return (put your own ones!)
- support for 4 stereo external inputs (hardware synths/reaktor synths/external vsts/etc..)

DJ mixer with:
- 2 Channels with shared delay and reverb
- Headphones prelisten with solos
- Filter cutoffs hp/lp that can be used simultaneously
- Visual waveform view
- Auto limiter (Waves L1 style) to avoid distortions with his own peak meter
- quick buttons to disable/enable effects and filters
- support for dj booth speakers (monitor out)
- pre-fader selector for both delay and reverb

External controller support
-8 smart knobs assignable to every knob in the mixer
-Support for TouchOSC controller (ipad)
-Support for Behringer bcf/bcr2000 (you can use others but they must be total recallable (endless knobs/motorized faders)

Behringer Configuration





Sample import edit has been greatly improved and is now much faster to add loops/samples.

Even if there are no switches both the high quality EQ and dynamic processors has been made in order to save cpu if they are not working, so cpu load will increase depending on how many of them are in use.

Scalability, with an option panel with ability to disable dynamic processor, HQ eqs and HQ reverb (those are the only switches in the ensembles), and support for 33khz playback.

Dynamic processor is a stripped down version of a multiband compressor i’m working on right now, i had to remove most of its features in order to save cpu but still can be used to achieve a lot of results.

- To use it full featured you need a really powerful laptop, at least a top category 2009 laptop or newer.
- Mac users should need a more powerful laptop compared to win users
- As reaktor is mainly a single threaded application you need fast clocks, a second generation core i3 could be good also but it has to be a fast model.
- Reaktor 5.9.0
- 1600*900 resolution in order to see everything
- Audio Card with 2 Outputs (4 outs if you want to use headphones or use an external dj mixer, 6 outs for dj booth monitor also)

-This ensemble should be used with Reaktor Stand-Alone

D3X TouchOSC and Behringer Layouts version 2.0 - 22.78 kB

Official discussion thread on NI forums:

See the Changelog

Current version is 2.0.001 (December 2013)

-How to add your own samples to D3X

Download at Reaktor User Library

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  1. Michael O'Hagan says:

    Riccardo…you are awesome, merry christmas my friend!

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