Hidden Files Switcher
by Riccardo Ferri
v1.2 21-Nov-2013

What is Hidden Files Switcher ?

This is a very simple utility written in applescript that enable/disable viewing of hidden files and folders in OSX

Why Hidden File Switcher ?

I had an old appplication (was 2 little apps one for hide and one for show) that did this but it doesn’t works anymore, so instead of having to write all the times the command line in terminal i’ve decided to write my own one using my very basic knowledge in applescript.


Unzip and double click, you can put the application anywhere in your system.
There are now 2 applications, the first one will prompt you warnings while the other one will switch silently without warnings.
File is public domain and you can use the code where you want.
There are no preferences or any extra files written on your system
Main script (main.scpt) file is now uncompiled so you can open it freely (no need for source code anymore)
It should works now on any system including 10.9 mavericks

Please report issues if any.
v 1.0
initial release
v 1.1
change: minor fixes (typing and icons display)
feature: it now checks if ShowAllFiles option has already been changed but not applied and acts accordingly
v 1.2
change: removed preference file
change: there are now 2 separate applications so you can choose the one you prefer (with or without warning prompts)
change: rewritten code in order to be universally compatible with any OSX version

Download v1.2
Hidden Files Switcher version 1.2 - 104.35 kB

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