Logic Autosave

Hallo, i’ve made this simple application that autosaves logic every x minutes, just launch it and set frequency in minutes.
As Logic doesn’t support applescript i had to use automator, so every time it saves it will catch your mouse arrow for a couple of seconds then it will release it.

v1.0.003 will not save in some cases, for example when a plug-in window is opened. Honestly Automator is full of problems, i’ve tried many solutions but most of them doesn’t works properly, by the way i’ve found one that looks fine on both 10.5 and 10.6, so i’ve uploaded v 1.1.002, it calls logic using cmd-tab, then save, this is the only working method i’ve found as of now.
I’ve kept v1..0.003 for 10.5.x users as is a bit faster and i bit less invasive, i’ve tried doing a faster automaton for 1.1 but on 10.5.x is too fast and it doesn’t works so i had to keep it a bit more slower, by the way it should do the job in a couple of seconds more or less.

remember to enable checkbox “Enable access for assistive devices”, under System Preferences/Universal Access else Automator will nto work properly

Hope this helps, and it works :)

NOTE: There is an application called Forever Save that works quite well and can autosave almost any application, you may have a look on that if this one doesn’t satisfy you

DOWNLOAD V1.1 (for 10.6.x and newer)
Logic Autosave version 1.1.002 - 172.58 kB

DOWNLOAD V1.0 (for 10.5.x only)
Logic Autosave version 1.0.003 - 165.64 kB

Official discussion thread on LogicProHelp forum

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