Logic Launcher

by Riccardo Ferri
v1.0 BETA3
26 September 2013

i’ve made this simple applescript based application in order to quickly switch between default logic’s bridge and SoundRadix’s 32 Lives bridge when i launch Logic v9 in 64 bit mode.

if you have purchased 32 Lives you may have noticed that it’s not working very well under version 9 (at least for me), so if for any reason you still need to use v9 x64 you may prefer to use the default Logic’s bridge as it was before instead of using 32 Lives.
So when you want to use logic 9×64 with default bridge this applicaiton will simply renames all the compnonents converted from 32 Lives from *x64.component to *x64.disabled in your root library plug-in folder.
When you want to use Logic X again it will rename the plug-in to their standard name.

Schermata 2013-09-24 alle 14.48.34

When you select Logic 9 x64 it will asks for the bridge you want to use:

Schermata 2013-09-24 alle 14.44.47

It will check also if Logic is already opened and it will ask accordingly (you will be able to save it’s not a force quit)

Schermata 2013-09-24 alle 14.46.42

It’s very important to use the launcher all the times so it will check for names and act accordingly.

I’ve added also the option to launch Logic in 32 bit without changing the file info, just make sure that the “launch in 32 bit mode” checkbox is unchecked

If you open 32 Lives configuration while you are in Logic 9 “Default” Bridge you will see only disabled ones, don’t rescan, if you need to edit 32 Lives come back to Logic X (or logic 9 with 32 lives) configuration first.

You may be able to make also a mixed configuration with both logic and 32 Lives Bridge without touching the Logic X’s 32 Lives setup but i have not tested it yet, just move the x64.components plug-in you want to keep in you user library (/Users/**your user name here**/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components).
Again, put everything back in its original state if you need to change 32 Lives configuration

i need help to test this application on other machines, i would like to know expecially if it works and asks for password, it doesn’t asks on my MAC but i’m not sure if i had left the permission on component folder untouched.

Please note that the first time you will open Logic 9 with default bridge it may take several minutes to complete, depending on how many plug-ins you have converted with 32 Lives, same when you will switch back to Logic X for the first time (don’t know why honestly).
After the first run it will switch in a matter of seconds (please confirm).

The script code is opened so you can open the scpt file inside the application with applescript editor and see it.

Also please note that this is an applet and not a full featured application made with Xcode so the upper menu desn’t works at all (greyed out)
You can download the beta here
Hope you ill find it useful, please post here if you have encountered any issue or not, thanks

Edit:new version beta 3, added icons and more


1 – Make sure Logic 9 is set to run in 64bit mode
2 – put the application where you want and launch it
3 – make some noise

Known issues:

- Launcher will quit without notice and without doing nothing if Logic X has a save dialog already opened when it has to be quit by the launcher.

Logic Launcher version v1.0 beta 3 - 1.78 MB

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